ICMS Access Range includes the following:

  • Access Ramps (Steel or Aluminium); (MP will provide a steel access ramp photo)
  • Sea Stairs (MP to forward photos)
  • Cantilever Platforms (In main brochure)
  • Gates (Mechanical or Electrical) (In main brochure)
  • Disabled Hoists (MP to forward photo)

Features and Benefits

Design:  ICMS engineers will consider the access issues for the client and propose a suitable solution complying to best practice guidance.  All access ramps and sea stairs are individually customised to suit the range and type of motions that will be experienced.  ICMS can also where required design and install cantilever platforms.

Safety:  ICMS provide Glassfibre reinforced plastic mesh on all access gangways and sea stairs which provide excellent anti-slip properties.  Mesh panels can also be provided on the sides on the access ramps in required.

Longevity Access ramps and sea-stairs are either manufactured from aluminium or galvanised and painted steel for longevity

Gates:  ICMS can design and manufacture gates with the client’s desired access control arrangements

Disabled Access:  ICMS will provide the client with access solutions for disabled users either in the form of a disabled hoist, a long ramp with appropriate gradients or a double ramp.