Continuous Concrete Pontoons

ICMS have developed a Continuous Concrete Pontoon (CCP) to provide an economical berthing and/or attenuation option in semi-exposed sites.  The CCP offers many of the benefits of the breakwater such as high weight for dampening of a wave and safe berthing, Grade C50/60 Concrete for strength and Galvanised Steel for longevity.  Because of the weight of the pontoon CCP’s also offer clients a very stable floating solution which can be used for cycle ways or walk ways.

Wave DampeningThe CCP offers an advantage over steel and aluminium pontoons because of its weight.  The increased mass improves the wave dampening properties of the pontoon.  For this reason it is a suitable pontoon option for semi- exposed sites

Stability – Again the high weight of the CCP offer’s clients a very stable pontoon option, with reduced motions.

Continuous Surface – The CCP has a continuous surface which enables clients to use the pontoon in more innovative projects such as cycle paths or public walkways

Concrete – The CCP is manufactured from Grade C50/60 concrete offering a high strength unit

Reinforcing Steel – Galvanised Reinforcing Steel is used through the breakwater for longevity of the product

Base SkinA Glass Reinforced Concrete Skin can be provided to the base of the CCP to protect floats from damage.

Mooring Options – ICMS Continuous Concrete Pontoons can be moored on chain, rope or elasticated mooring systems using mooring hooks or on piles.

Fender Options – The fender options for the ICMS rowing pontoon are Rubber, Plastic or Timber

Quality – All ICMS Continuous Concrete Pontoons are manufactured to an ISO 9001 Accredited System.