Rowing Pontoons

The main aim the development and design of the ICMS rowing pontoon was to ensure that low enough freeboards could be achieved so that oars could come in over the top of the pontoon, for all types of rowing boats, whilst still ensuring that reserve buoyancy and stability was maximised. This has been achieved.
As a company we also understand the main issues rowing clubs have to consider as part of members gaining access to the water, many of which are young, carrying boats in wet conditions. Therefore in the specification of materials and access solutions safety is a key feature.

High Reserve Buoyancy – ICMS have developed a rowing pontoon which maximises the reserve buoyancy of the pontoon whilst maintaining a low freeboard.  This is achieved by using all available space, above the water line in the pontoon structure for floatation.  The high reserve buoyancy means that the use of the pontoon can be maximised in that multiples of rowers can be on the facility and launching boats simultaneously.

Floatation – The floatation blocks for the Rowing pontoons are encased in a Glass Reinforced Concrete Skin.  This makes the overall weight of the rowing pontoon heavier and increases the stability of the pontoons.

Decking – Rowing pontoons are generally decked with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) which offers excellent anti-slip properties for rowers.

Galvanised Steel – The frame of the rowing pontoon is manufactured from steel galvanised to BE EN ISO 1461 which ensures strength and longevity

Access and Egress DesignICMS will consider how the pontoon user can safely access and egress from the pontoon whilst carrying a rowing boat.  A detailed analysis of the types of boats used on the facility and the lifting capacities of users will be considered as part of this process.  The design and supply of an access system fit for purpose will be included as part of the overall project.

Mooring Options – ICMS rowing pontoons can be moored on chain, rope or elasticated mooring systems or piles.

Side by Side ConnectionsRowing pontoons can be joined side by side to give large platforms for rowing clubs

Fender Options – The fender options for the ICMS rowing pontoon are Rubber, Plastic or Timber

Quality – All ICMS rowing pontoons are manufactured to an ISO 9001 Accredited System.