Standard Pontoons

The ICMS Standard Pontoon system is manufactured from galvanised steel with polystyrene floatation blocks encased in a glass fibre reinforced concrete skin.

The decking options available are glass fibre reinforced concrete decking panels, timber, timber composite or glass reinforced plastic mesh.  The fender options are hardwood, softwood, plastic or rubber.  The ICMS pontoon structure is extremely robust and offers strength and stability even in the most onerous of conditions.

Bespoke Pontoon DesignFrame sizes, width and shapes and be adapted to suit our customer’s needs and the marina layout.  ICMS can also offer options on skewed or curved layouts.

Marina Layout DesignICMS will work with clients to find the right marina layout for each project, taking account of best practice guidance and customer preference.

Decking – ICMS Standard Pontoons are available in a range of decking’s.  The feature and benefits of each decking type is described in Section XXX of this brochure.

Galvanised Steel – The frame of the Standard Pontoon is manufactured from steel galvanised to BE EN ISO 1461 which ensures strength and longevity. The standard ICMS pontoon frame has been successfully operating in numerous locations for over twenty years, testament to the quality of design and product.

Float Options – The standard ICMS float is a polystyrene float with a Glass Reinforced Concrete skin (GRC).  The concrete skin makes the overall pontoon heavier and therefore offers improved stability over plastic floats.   ICMS can offer plastic floats on request.

Mooring Options – ICMS Standard Pontoons can be moored on chain, rope or elasticated mooring systems or piles.

Side by Side ConnectionsStandard pontoons can be joined side by side to give large platforms

Fender Options – The fender options for the ICMS Standard Pontoon are Rubber, Plastic or Timber

Service Options – ICMS can provide ducting or cable tray options for the provision of service runs in pontoons.  Service access lids can also be provided at the client’s request.

Quality – All ICMS Standard Pontoons are manufactured to an ISO 9001 Accredited System.